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Rome and Washington DC, to divide them 7,212 km, 2 seas, 1 ocean and 3 nations. One city in Italy, the other in America. Located in two different and separate continents; one has made history and the other is practically a newborn compared to the first. So far away, so different…or not?

Linked by a thin fil rouge (but not even that thin), Rome and Washington DC are clearly, even to the eyes of a first-time observer, characterized by bizarre similarities that make them different twins in my eyes. 

Rome Caput Mundi, right? So it should come as no surprise that Americans have an almost referential respect for us, Italians, and the history that distinguishes us. This is demonstrated in an exponential way in the U.S. capital, which has imitated Rome in many of its most important monumental buildings, with their unmistakable neoclassical style. We recall in fact that Washington was built only in 1791, the day before yesterday compared to its Italian “twin”, with the vision of making it the New Rome. 

Curious is the stream that flows in the bowels of the city that is called Tiber Creek Washington City Canal, does it remind you of something?

Another crazy link that I would like to bring to your attention is the symbol of the dollar ($) that, hear hear, refers explicitly to the sestertius (HS), the currency of ancient Rome, in fact, the two bars of the “H” were carried vertically on the “S” thus going to coin the birth of American currency.

Another similarity between the two capitals that comes to mind is that in that world of different cultures and populations, all equally “Romanized”, many languages were spoken interspersed with local dialects, but the truly universal ones were Latin and Greek, just as today there are two “official” languages in America: English and Spanish.

You never thought of that, did you? And yet look how much Americans have learned from our history and how much respect they have for it.

But now we come to the fun part: find the differences…

Of this last example it is important to report that this same disposition dome-obelisk, placed one in front of the other, is not accidental. In fact this has an alchemical meaning. The theme of the union of the male and female principles is very common in occult architecture and is easily recognizable. The dome symbolizes the female womb and, contrary to it, the obelisk represents the male phallic symbol. The union of these two symbols gives rise to a third subject, which can be called “the offspring,” described as spiritual energy. Many argue that symbols such as these can store or infuse energy into their surroundings.

Another obvious point of contact between the two is imperialism, with which America has founded its current planetary power, exactly as it was for Rome with the Holy Roman Empire.

America has 16 cities called Rome and in the Georgia one there is even the Capitoline she-wolf with Romulus and Remus that Mussolini gave to his overseas friends in 1929.

So I managed to convince you that these two cities, Washington and Rome, are different twins?

I, too, was amazed to look into it and see so many similarities. As a Roman citizen I feel almost moved and honored that our American brothers have done all this in our honor and to try to evoke in their present the greatness that distinguishes our past. 

But my dear Americans, we Italians are and will always be unique in one thing: Trying to copy pizza? This you will NEVER succeed!

Talk to you soon with a new article friends!

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xoxo your G.


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